History of Google Chat Apps

This list is only the chat applications that they have. It does not include all communication apps. Therefore apps such as Google Groups, Gmail and Inbox were excluded. 

1. Google Talk (2005): Instant messaging and voice calls for Gmail users. 

2. Google Wave (2009): Mashed together elements of bulletin boards, instant messaging and collaborative editing.

3. Google Voice (2009): A web service that allows users to combine various phones with one number for voice calls and SMS/MMS.

4. Google Hangouts (2011): When Hangouts first launch it offered multi-user video chat for people in the same circle. It did not have text abilities. Google Hangouts and Google Huddles launched with Google+.

5. Google Huddles (2011): an instant messaging app for talking with other Google+ users. Google Hangouts and Google Huddles launched with Google+.

6. Google+ Messenger (2011): It took only 3 months from Google Huddles launch to switch it to Google+ Messenger. It offered the same functionality as Google Talk

7. Google Hangouts (2013): Two years later, Google integrated the functionality of Google+ Messenger and Google+ Hangouts into Hangouts. It replaced Talk in Gmail. It had SMS support.

8. Messenger (2014): Finally Google had all its chat services on Hangouts. Google decided to launch Messenger. This was a stand alone text messaging client.

9. Google Spaces (2016): A platform that meshes group chat capabilities with a social network, so users can for share links and converse about them on mobile and desktop devices.

10. Google Duo (2016): A one-to-one video chat service for mobile devices that’s designed to show a live preview before you pick up a call.

11. Google Allo (2016): A messaging service for mobile devices that integrates tightly with Google Assistant.

12. Youtube Chat (2017): Allows users to share videos in a chat-like interface with friends. Chats support up to 30 friends.

13. Hangouts Meet (2017): This was created for easy access to meetings. High-definition video meetings with up to 30 participants.

14. Hangouts Chat (2018): Hangouts Chat is built for intra-company communication. Each chatroom can support up to 8,000 members. Hangouts Chat is integrated with G-Suite.

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