Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap

The center console features two fully integrated, customization phone chargers where you place your phone and charge them (two phones). You can run a USB C or an iPhone cable, or my use case, two USB C cables. The phone docks can even be covered with the phones in place, which is a nice addition. The center console also has two nice roomy storage areas. 

So what is the problem? The glossy piano black finish. It gathers so many finger prints! I am sure if I left it longer, it would scratch easily. This is definitely one of the few oversights on the Model 3 design. But there is no such thing as a problem without a solution.

The one I purchased and installed is Matte Black. There is also a fairly in depth installation video here. Installation was not overly difficult. Plus if you have a Vinyl Plotter, you can even find the same template here. Below is a quick video installing mine, plus the finished product.

The after product is amazing. No more finger prints and no potential scratches. Even in the picture on the right, you can see how clean the wrap looks compared to the two week old piano black finish. 

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