Tesla Firmware Version 9: Feature Speculation

Elon said 9.0 would be out at the end of August, at least for beta testers. We are in September and no leaks as to what is new. Below is my speculation on what features could come. I might be a bit optimistic with some of the feature set. It will be fun to go back and look at this in a few months when version 9 actually gets released.

Improvements in EAP
In 2016, Tesla offered a free month of a 7.1 EAP trial. The 7.1 autopilot trial also happened before significant 8.0 improvements to AP1. Using the same logic, Tesla is currently offering a EAP trial of version 8. Does this mean big improvements are coming to EAP for version 9? If that is the case, here is what I would expect:
  • automatic lane changes 
  • on-ramp to off-ramp
  • classifying trucks, cars, and motorcycles
  • smart summon
  • exit on signal

Full Self Driving
As per Elon Musk, "With V9, we will begin to enable full self-driving features". This does not mean the car will start driving on its own, however below are some of the features I think will finally be available with AP 2. Here are a few things that could be the start of full self driving features:

Speed Signs: might as well start with the most obvious feature, speed signs. AP 1 has had this ability for what seems to be ever. It would be nice for AP 2 to finally catch up in this regard.

Stop signs & street lights: both of these seem to be the most commonly talked about upcoming full self driving features. Is it true? We will find out soon enough.

I want the safety feature of showing cars behind me in adjacent lanes on the screen. Right now it does a decent job at showing cars in front of me in all three lanes. I do remember Musk briefly tweeting that this is something that is coming. Even showing cars behind me while driving could be useful. Basically what I want is a whole new instrument cluster view with use of all 8 cameras.

Dash Cam
Tesla cars are equip with plenty of cameras. It just makes sense to have a dash cam built in. This feature was promised for version 9, just who knows if it is version 9.0 or 9.5 in a few years. Either way, until it happens, there is many questions in terms of how it is implemented:

  • Can you access all the cameras?
  • How long can you record for?
  • Does the recordings get upload online? Can you save them through the USB of the car?
  • What quality is the recordings?

Media Player
The media player is the weakest part of the Tesla ecosystem. For starters, not being able to randomize USB tracks or not create playlists is a huge missing feature. Not having Spotify as an option in North America (apparently it is an exclusive licensing deal) is another missed opportunity. I personally am hopeful that the whole media player gets revamped with v9 adding new features and most importantly, a better implementation of current features.

Easter Eggs
One of my favourite features (okay I have a lt of favourites) is the easter eggs. I alway create amazing drawings. Okay maybe not, but I try.

Atari games are already confirmed for version 9. Adding games makes a lot of sense. There is a jumbo touch screen that you can use to kill time while waiting to Charge. I can see Tesla expanding the number of games later on. To start, here are the three games that are coming:

1) Missile Command: space shooter
2) Pole Position: racing
3) Tempest: survive

I think out of the three, pole position could be the most interesting. Being able to use the car's actual wheel while in parked could be pretty cool.

And lastly, hopefully 
better bluetooth 
support for the key.

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